During Kai Cenat’s most recent IRL stream, Felix “xQc,” a Canadian Twitch streamer, finally got to try one of the brand-new Prime Energy cans.

Earlier this week, Kai and JJ “KSI,” the co-owner of Prime, collaborated, implying that the streamer may have gotten some from the UK-based YouTuber. Kai is currently conducting a subathon. The most recent major personality to weigh in on the recently released Prime Energy cans was xQc. Kai expressly permitted him to sample the Lemon Lime can, but the Canadian didn’t seem really enthused. He responded when questioned about his thoughts on the beverage: “It lacks soul”

The most recent person to weigh in on KSI and Logan Paul’s hydration drink project Prime was xQc, one of the most prominent makers and streamers in the content creation field. For those who don’t know, Prime debuted in early 2022. The business has expanded greatly since then. Partnerships with organizations like the UFC and Arsenal Football Club have been attained by Prime (an English Premier League team).

The streamer first tried the Strawberry Watermelon: “It’s coarse, the taste is underwhelming and not very flavorful. Other than that, it kinda feels like a weird Seltzer White Claw, white girl suburban bullsh*t party night drink for girls.”

When given a Lemon Lime can, the Canadian responded as follows: “It’s better, but it’s not even lemon Lime. This is just lime. It doesn’t feel like lemon at all. Lemon is like an aftertaste almost. Dude, why is this drink so popular? Everybody talks about Prime, I’m not even being a hater, I don’t think it’s very good. It feels like a Sprite, but you got it from President’s Choice (grocery company). You know what this lacks? It lacks soul. It feels like it wants to be everything, so it’s nothing.” 

The Canadian replied as follows when asked to compare it to another beverage: “I’d compare to a bad knockoff sprite.”