Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has shared some of his concerns surrounding twitch streamers reacting to each other’s clips every broadcast stating that if the streamers continued to do this, twitch might “slowly die”.

We’ve seen a lot of twitch metas dominate in popularity on the platform in the past years. And recently, we’ve seen the rise and fall of the metas such as the controversial hot tub streams, the ASMR streams, and a sharp re-spike in GTA RP popularity.

Now, it seems like a new meta has seems to be building and that is the Twitch ‘reacting’ meta where the streamers go live, load up Reddit, Twitter, or YouTube, and dish out their opinions on each and every slice of news and action. Dedicated fan bases help the meta, as do aggregation forums like /r/LivestreamFail and regular YouTube clip compilations that use the ‘reacts’ for videos.

While he claims that he also does this content on his streams, according to twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren, it is a worrying trend for Twitch content as it may eventually lead to a slow death for one of the world’s biggest streaming sites.

Here’s what he said during his recent live stream; “There are just too many ‘React Andys’ now. They’ve gone too far. I feel like people go live and all they do is watch other people’s content. I mean, it’s fine, I do it, but it’s really becoming too much. That content is fun, yeah, I like it. But if everyone does it, all the time, then the whole Twitch ecosystem dies.”

He also says that viewers need fresh content instead of all the reactions. Ludwig is the first to admit he shouldn’t rely on the “react” crutch so much in his streams. He then also conceded he can’t complain unless he has his own fresh content on the horizon, so he laid out the few plans he’d been spitballing.