On October 16, Twitch star Zack “Asmongold” spoke for a while about the platform’s new Ad Incentive Program.

Zack used the Twitch channel statistics website TwitchTracker to examine the performance of his main channel in order to see how much potential cash he could get by running adverts on it. Asmongold saw a huge decline in the numbers on his main account. The content producer from Austin, Texas, observed that his concurrent viewing dropped from 75,513 viewers to 0 viewers, and he sarcastically said: “Yeah, I fell off. Yeah, this is a f***ing; this is a L+Ratio here.” 

The co-founder of One True King (OTK) responded to several well-known Twitch content creators announcing their anticipated earnings from the new Ad Incentive Program around the 01:33 minute mark of his October 16 broadcast. Zack estimated that after airing six minutes of advertisements, he could easily earn more than $100,000 per month by comparing his alternative channel’s statistics to Twitch streamer AdmiralBahroo: “So how much would they (Twitch) pay somebody like me? Well, I’m not going to lie, even on my second channel, I mean, clearly, I have 21,000 viewers. 7,000 times three (the streamer compares AdmiralBahroo’s concurrent viewership to his), or let’s say, a little bit less than that. I’d be getting paid over $100,000 a month. Just spam six minutes of ads. Over $100,000 a month.”

The next step for Asmongold was to calculate the possible revenue from his primary Twitch channel. The streamer noted multiple 0s in the performance tab of the TwitchTracker page after making his initial discovery. 

He said with a mischievous smile: “Okay, there we go. So average viewers was 75,000. Now it’s 0! Yeah, we got ourselves a big old f***ing goose egg right now! However, let’s say it was 75,000. I was not getting 75,000 average viewers then, it was during Lost Ark and the Johnny Depp thing. Let’s say, 50,000-60,000. How about 50,000?” 

Then, Asmongold sarcastically asserted that he “fell off” and that the most recent performance numbers for his main channel were “L + Ratio.” The World of Warcraft player estimated that adding advertisements on his primary Twitch channel might bring in about $300,000 per month after performing some calculations: “$300,000 a month! That’s a lot of money. You know what, I don’t think ads that are that bad. I think ads are actually pretty good! Yeah, this ads situation is not that bad.”