Trainwreckstv is one of Twitch’s most polarizing streamers. Trainwrecks — whose real name is Travis Niknam — is considered a horrible person by some due to his casual promotion of gambling on stream, as well as antics that include misogynistic rants. He can’t seem to stay away from controversy for long, especially when it comes to his brand of content. It’s gotten so bad that some streamers, like xQc, have sworn off gambling streaming and those who support it. Trainwrecks has maintained its niche despite the stigma associated with gambling streams. Surprisingly, it all worked out in the end.

Trainwrecks won over $8.75 million while playing a round of a gambling game during his livestream on Feb. 10. He and an unidentified companion immediately begin giddying over the win, which netted what would be a life-changing sum of money for any normal person. However, there is a hard truth attached to this moment in the context of Trainwrecks’ overall gambling performance, which effectively renders the win moot.

Winning over $8.7 million would be a life-changing experience for the average person. Even after taxes and other expenses, they could end up with a large sum of money to spend on a variety of things. Trainwrecks’ massive win is just a stepping stone toward overcoming his gambling addiction’s pitfalls. Trainwrecks quickly cooled down after the excitement of his $8.7 million win subsided, reminding his viewers that his win isn’t as large as it appears, and that the risks of compulsive gambling far outweigh any potential benefits.