In the latest broadcast of H3H3, he confronted Rising Twitch star Adin Ross regarding Twitch gambling.

Gambling that is unregulated is becoming an issue on streaming platform Twitch with big streamers and content creators are now under fire and more commentary channels focusing on the said topic. According to the majority of people, Gambling could potentially cause a massive problem for Twitch but yet to take any action against it or even acknowledge the scale of the problem on its platform.

The topic regarding Gambling has been around for a week now but the latest came after an H3H3 podcast featured Abi, Adin Ross, and Mizkif. Adin Ross was confronted on a number of topics such as his promotion of gambling sites to his viewers and the potentially problematic content that he was involved with.

He is a part of a group that is known for gambling on stream with funds provided by the owner of the sites for promotional purposes and the said issues arise when the majority of these streamers’ fanbase is extremely young and that it is broadcasted across multiple regions gambling is not allowed.

An interesting topic from the said podcast comes in the first minute where H3H3 details the issue of one of their staff with gambling in the past and Adin Ross admits that his friend Ricky Bemgston AKA FaZe Banks was the previous owner of a skin gambling site, CSGO Wild and that he himself is involved with FaZe and that he appeared in their contents and interacting with the senior members of the said team who have recently come under fire after its members were involved and exposed in a crypto pump and dump scam.