The developer of Final Fantasy XIV recently addressed overpopulation, adding an auto-logout feature due to the influx of popularity from Twitch Streamer Asmongold.

Square Enix is now boasting record numbers for RPG Final Fantasy XIV but new players have caused issues with its congestion on servers because of reaching max player capacity.

Twitch Streamer Asmongold started streaming FFXIV at the beginning of July peaking with more than 200,000 viewers in his first stream. Ever since he has already played 55 hours on stream with a massive 5.6 million hours watched.

After his first FFXIV stream, the game itself hit a Steam record for its concurrent players and a week later, the store of Square Enix had a ‘waiting list’ for players who wanted to buy the game. Also now, the director and producer Naoki Yoshida have come out to address issues to the said overpopulation in FFXIV caused by Asmongold and other streamers who started playing the game.

NA and EU servers have started to become overpopulated over the past few weeks and players are now having a hard time getting into the game in part of the maximum number of players that the said servers can handle. To combat it, Yoshida said that his team recently updated data servers and that the developers are also able to increase the simultaneous login cap by 18,000 and as for the server of European, the upgrades are still pending but a couple of other fixes is implemented to smooth things out at least a bit

Yoshida also pleaded with the players to log out of the game if they are not actively playing and added that developers are planning to put in a new feature auto-logout to prevent idle players from keeping other players who want to play and this said update was planned to put for a later patch and said that it will come with the release of Patch 5.58.

As of now, many popular Twitch Streamers are showing their interest in FFXIV like CohhCarnage, Annie Fuchsia, Rich Campbell.