Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane, a Warzone competitor and Facebook Gaming streamer, stunned his opponents with an unexpected Season 5 loadout, beating Verdansk ’84 with Cold War’s MP5.

The Warzone meta is always changing, with Raven Software’s periodic balance changes helping to keep the game feeling fresh and different. With so many weapons in the game, keeping track of what the top players are using can be difficult, but there are always sleeper picks each season that can help you outgun other operators in Verdansk and Rebirth Island without being too popular.

In another instance of an underrated weapon being able to keep up with the Warzone meta, popular content creator Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane revived the Cold War MP5 and put the weapon to the test in the Season 5 meta — with some impressive results. With other SMGs like the OTs 9, MAC-10, and Bullfrog dominating the Season 5 meta, many Warzone veterans may be asking what ZLaner sees in the CW MP5. Fortunately, he explained everything with a detailed look at his unexpected loadout.

His setup is very similar to how players outfitted the Cold War SMG when it was more widely used. The Agency Suppressor, Bruiser Grip, and Raider Stock, among other accessories, are among Lane’s loadout favorites. While his MP5 can destroy opponents at close range, he needs some long-range support, so he pulls out the Stoner 63, which is frequently the top choice among Cold War LMGs in Verdansk and Rebirth.

ZLaner didn’t hold back in praising his MP5 loadout, calling it “really f**king good” in comparison to Warzone’s meta SMGs. He also backed up his statements with some great gameplay, dropping a 30-bomb alongside Dr Disrespect, his regular Warzone duo.