One of the most popular Twitch streamers xQc was the star of the show in Shitcamp 2021. He had such a decent time with the crew, he’s even puzzling over moving back to L.A.

“I have a decent idea, but if I say it, it’s visiting and getting yoinked,” he said.

It’ll have games sort of a survivor show while they need challenges.

He didn’t want to reveal an excessive amount of. However, he mentioned some examples, including carrying cups of water without spilling them, solving puzzles, long-distance running, building a house before nightfall with “primitive technology,” and more.

Shitcamp is all about bringing streamers together to take part in challenges and games. However, xQc’s survival island idea will take it to the subsequent level.

This iteration of the event scarcely finished. However, there’s a third event named ShitSummit planned for sometime over the winter, so it should be debuted then.