Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc shared his controversial viewpoint on Cryptomining, an activity that has gained popularity in recent years.

Surprisingly, many others in the streaming community agreed with him, noting that while his words were strange, the purpose behind them felt accurate to them.

xQc watched a WIRED mini-documentary this week on stream about the largest Bitcoin mining facility currently operating in the United States. The camera panned throughout the mini-documentary to demonstrate the size of the warehouses where Bitcoin was being mined in bulk.

To put things in perspective, a decent GPU is required to set up Bitcoin mining equipment. The lifespan of GPUs utilized in this manner is significantly reduced. With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency mining (particularly Bitcoin), many people have resorted to bulk-purchasing high-performance GPUs, resulting in a shortage and a significant price increase for the computer component.

xQc started performing a demonstration of how GPU shortages and crypto mining tendencies have caused problems for many. He stated; “NVIDIA breaks banks for months, years. The engineers – their brains are f***ing steaming to make the most wonderful marvel. ‘Oh my god, oh my god, look, the GPU, oh my god.’ People can use it for gaming, and people go to buy it. ‘Oh, guys, I’m just a consumer, I’m in the chat right now – I’m going to go buy a GPU to play a new game.’ Oh s***, it’s out of stock. What the f***? All this effort (from the engineers) – where are they?”

xQc began pointing to a scene in the video that showed rows of warehouses filled with GPUs being utilized for mining at this time. He added; “Mother*****, in the f***ing warehouses. That’s where they are at. To solve problems made it hard on purpose.”

Bitcoin is developed using a puzzle-solving procedure. According to XQc, the riddles are designed to be difficult on purpose, necessitating the use of powerful GPUs to complete the process. As a result, according to Felix, the GPU shortage and the use of GPUs for crypto mining is due to “problems made hard on purpose.”

While many people agreed with him, others pointed out that it was purposely made difficult to secure.

xQc has expressed his views on cryptomining and NFTs on numerous occasions. The French-Canadian had previously revealed private messages given to him by Steven Kenneth “Destiny” Bonnell II, in which the latter expressed his anti-NFT sentiments and then endorsed an NFT sponsor the following week.