One Overwatch streamer discovered that clever positioning and enemy arrogance are sometimes the keys to a good play.

As a tank player, it’s easy to feel invincible. Tanks play a unique role in most combat situations, thanks to their instant shield, massive health pool, armor, and the respect of their teammates. On the battlefield, they are among the most powerful and difficult to defeat. However, all of the power can sometimes go to a player’s head. In that case, letting them kill themselves with a little clever thinking is often the best course of action.

During a match on Lijiang Tower, Fayn fl, an Overwatch streamer on Twitch, was recently victimized by such a tactic.

Fayn, as Reinhardt, was holding the objective with his team during a match on Lijiang Tower. The group had essentially created a bottleneck situation by keeping their opponents on the other side of a narrow doorway, making rushing as a force nearly impossible. Any play that would send them straight into Fayn’s shield would be useless with him still up and active.

As a result, they chose to lure him through the door.

With their backs to Fayn, the opposing team drew back, positioning Reinhardt and Zarya away from the door. Rein, the enemy, positioned himself on the very edge of the tower, poised for a perfect charge kill. This was interpreted as an opportunity for Fayn, which he seized—and was swiftly punished for.

The team’s Ana hit the enemy Rein with a Sleep Dart that stopped him in his tracks the moment he stepped up to him. The Junkrat then detonated a Concussive Mine, sending him flying off the edge of the tower. The trap had been set.

While Fayn’s team was eventually able to win without him, that brilliant play was enough to make the final moments even more stressful.