Although xQc asserted that BruceDropEmOff did not receive a ban for “spam reports” because he was informed by Twitch personnel that it was not possible, Twitch streamer YourRage retaliated.

Twitch star BruceDropEmOff was banned from Twitch on March 1 for the second time in a short period of time due to purported “spam reports” on his account following what some people saw to be racist actions. He was refuted by another streamer xQc, who claimed that Twitch personnel informed him that it was impossible for someone to be banned due to spam allegations. In a series of tweets, YourRage has now addressed xQc’s allegations, claiming that his explanation was false.

YourRAGE’s tweets, which were published just hours after xQc’s accusations became viral, have been viewed more than two million times. He said; “LIE. LIE. LIE. LIE. LIE. Unless this was a recent change within the last 6 months. I’ve literally been banned THREE times ( all reversed in the future for a “mistake” on their end ) & both my partner manager & people working with twitch would tell me It was an influx of reports. They were all indefinite as well. I thought it was because I wasn’t partnered so I was able to get spam reported. Then it happened again last year when I had partner.. yes it was later reversed but to say spam reports aren’t a thing is a lie.”

A screenshot of an email from Twitch staff stating that YourRAGE’s ban had been lifted and that they had “taken steps to ensure this error won’t occur again in the future.” was shared by YourRAGE in a third tweet. 

Fans also commented on his comments to relate their own mass reporting stories, several of whom claimed to have seen creators removed as a result.