The controversy around the Adin Ross suspension is currently a hot topic on Twitch.

Ross was getting a lot of flak for being associated with the infamous millionaire Andrew Tate. But this had no impact on his expanding streaming platform fanbase. He afterwards relocated to Kick to investigate new streaming opportunities, where it is even claimed that he was streaming sensitive material.

Quick forward Several people are supporting Ross’s position in this discussion even though the streamer is now prohibited on the site. Ross has been banned from the site controlled by Amazon before. The 21-year-old has reportedly been banned eight times overall since beginning his Twitch career. Everyone who is barred from using certain social media networks undoubtedly feels depressed, and Adin addressed this in one of his most recent videos. 

The other member of the same business who is aware of this sensation is none other than BruceDropEmOff. Adin was temporarily barred from the platform, but Bruce’s was reportedly lifted not long after.

On the Adin Ross ban, Bruce made some intriguing points. Adin, in his opinion, is one of Twitch’s major significant players. “Made Twitch kind of mainstream,” commented Bruce on his stream. 

Despite the streamer’s ban, he sees Adin as a crucial component of Twitch and still feels that way. Bruce gave Adin credit for helping the major streaming services gain popularity. Before his ban, Ross had a sizable Twitch audience and fan base. Yet, the claim that he brought the platform into the public eye would raise doubts in the minds of many, and it’s possible that some people will disagree. Bruce, on the other hand, remained staunch and steadfast in his opinion.