One of the most popular twitch streamers in the world, Felix Lengyel aka xQc hasn’t been streaming for a few days now and it is unusual considering that he has been an active streamer and dedicated as he is. He also didn’t say anything about taking a break at the end of his last stream, which leaves his fans and viewers worried about him.

xQc amassed a large fanbase in the last few months alone, constantly being at the top of the streaming industry. He is best known for his controversial GTA streams on the role-playing NoPixel server.

Now, xQc made an announcement on Twitter leaving his fans completely shocked by the news. Taking to Twitter, xQc announced that he would be taking a temporary break from streaming.

xQc apologized to his Twitch viewers for the hiatus, noting that everything is in disarray. According to xQc, he can go live but he doesn’t want to stream until he makes ‘good streams’ again.

Although the message is somewhat ambiguous at best, it is understandable to some extent why the Canadian wants to take a break. Given how outspoken he has been regarding his gaming addiction, he may have had a burnout and needs time to recuperate and rejuvenate.

Regardless, it is still unclear as to what is the possible reason for his break considering xQc didn’t talk about the reason on his twitter post, nothing is sure. Some fans also speculated that it has something to do with moving out again as in the past month, xQc decided to move out of their house after being swatted multiple times. Not only did it make him fear for his life, but it also drove him to almost move to Canada as a result. Twitch streamer nmplol also confirmed they’ve moved out his stream on July 12th leading to xQc’s surprise streaming hiatus.

Some of xQc’s fans have taken to twitter to let xQc know that they are eagerly waiting for him to return to streaming. Meanwhile, they will continue to motivate him to do what he does best.