During a recent outburst, YouTube streamer Rachell “Valkyrae” had a really odd viewpoint.

She jokingly suggested that fellow streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” was to blame for her bad behavior, attributing it to his influence. The comment was made in reference to a video of her friend and fellow streamer TinaKitten being criticized by an unknown person in Valorant.

In response to the incident, Valkyrae spoke in a stern and slightly menacing manner. Hasan’s longtime friend Rachell casually attributed her recent erratic behavior to him. She argued: “I’ve always said some really unhinged things, but it’s becoming more unhinged.”

In her most recent stream, Valkyrae displayed a pretty uncensored demeanor. She noticed one of her teammates being highly critical of a footage of TinnaKitten playing Valorant, even going so far as to call her the worst Valorant player they had ever encountered. She replied, saying: “Oh god! Every time something bad happens to my friends and I’m not there, dude, it always happens when I’m not there. If I was there I would’ve like, ‘Bish, first of all, what rank are you mother trucker?! Huh? huh? What rank are you? alright. You must be also not Valorant high-rankist, if you’re queuing up with said person you are trash talking.”

She mentioned that she would “kill” the teammate as a way of expressing her annoyance. She suddenly realized, though, that her remarks were threatening, and she thought: “Okay, I won’t. I do realize I’m starting to say really inappropriate language. Okay, I’ve always said inappropriate language, but I’m not gonna lie, the more I hang out with Hasan, the more I’m starting to say like, ‘I’m gonna kill myself.’ Like, I’m starting to say things I shouldn’t be saying. I’m starting to pick up some really violent language.”

It would be hilarious to see HasanAbi’s response after seeing the video. Since they frequently joke about and like making each other laugh, HasanAbi is probably going to respond to her comments in a clever and amusing way.