Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and internet personality from Florida Adin Ross is best known for playing and streaming games like Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K.

He decided to check out a new video uploaded by a fellow YouTuber named JiDion, who is known for his comedic content and skits on YouTube, during a recent Twitch stream titled “DRAKE ALBUM RELEASE LISTENING PARTY.”

JiDion visits London to film a video for his YouTube channel and meets a few Royal Queen’s guards. As the chat mentioned ‘Musket,’ Adin Ross was perplexed by the gun’s sight. JiDion attempts to read random jokes to a guard in the video he uploaded. He is approached by a senior security officer who requests that he leave. When one of the guards noticed the gun hanging from his side.

Adin Ross was visibly confused and proceeded to search for a video explanation of the firearm after a viewer corrected his assumption by pointing out that the gun the guard was carrying was called a’musket.’

A smoothbore weapon is a musket. A smoothbore weapon lacks a rifle’s barrel. Muskets were first used in the sixteenth century.

Although the Queen’s guards stationed outside Buckingham Palace are armed with muskets, those stationed closer to the queen or in areas requiring greater security are armed with modern weapons such as automatic rifles. After a quick look at a video clip of a musket demonstration.

Adin Ross realized the reason for the next moment very quickly.