Twitch star Felix Lengyel aka xQc showed some creative dance moves while listening to Kay Flock’s “Is Ya Ready?” on a recent livestream.

xQc is a popular Twitch broadcaster who is known for his laid-back and funny nature. During his Twitch streams, he frequently breaks into dance moves. Kay Flock’s groovy tune, released in August 2021, was being streamed by the streamer.

Is Ya Ready is Kay Flock’s eleventh YouTube upload and one of his first music videos. While listening to the songs, xQc couldn’t help himself and ended up bursting out into an intricate dance move.

Is Ya Ready has been seen over 7.6 million times on YouTube since it was first uploaded. Brotherly Love, which also features singers Dougie B and B Lovee, is likely Kay Flock’s most popular song to date. Brotherly Love has been viewed 6.9 million times on YouTube and is Kay Flock’s second most popular song to date.

Regardless, xQc appeared to be a fan of Flock’s Is Ya Ready, as he stood up after the song was played. The streamer then took a step to the far end of the room to gather his thoughts. He then proceeded to break into a hilarious dance performance, displaying a variety of talents that stunned the viewers.

The video was shared on the LivestreamFail subreddit, where fans praised xQc’s dancing skills. Naturally, a number of viewers mocked the streamer, claiming that the only thing he is better at than dancing is driving. Surprisingly, the streamer has previously stated that he does not drive and was recently seen demonstrating his driving skills in a driving simulator game. Needless to say, the streamer crashed his car several times and demonstrated a lack of understanding of very basic driving rules.

Clearly, some viewers complimented and rated xQc’s dancing abilities. ,people appeared to agree that xQc’s dance abilities deserved a 7 out of 10 score. xQc, on the other hand, appeared to like the dancing routine and returned to his desk afterward. While dancing, a friend/staff member encouraged the streamer, and he ultimately returned to resume the video.