Suncracker0, a Twitch streamer, submitted himself for Amouranth’s “smash or pass” voting and responded to her decision in real time.

One of the most well-known people on Twitch and a major influencer on the live-streaming site is Amouranth. She has kept up with the latest developments in live streaming and even went so far as to invest $2 million of her own money in Amazon, the corporation that owns Twitch. She has also discovered ways to engage with her community in a way that few prominent broadcasters on the network do. She frequently conducts a “smash or pass” vote in which people who are bold enough to post images of themselves are given the option to vote on whether or not she would smash.

Although it’s all in good fun, viewers who put themselves up for vote understandably find it nerve-racking. Suncracker0, a Twitch streamer, was responding to her smash or pass votes on stream when she was taken aback by her response. 

Although Amouranth has stated that her smash or pass stream part is only for fun and isn’t meant to be taken seriously, people who submit their photographs for voting still strive for a smash grade. Suncracker0 sent in a picture of himself covered in sweat in a Danny Devito T-shirt with the iconic “I can smell you” Morgan Freeman meme hanging behind him.

It’s clear from his response to her decision that he wasn’t anticipating a hit rating in the first place. However, Amouranth shocked him. She laughed at the ridiculousness of the banner behind him, saying, “Who would take a picture in front of that?” At this point, it’s hard to tell if Suncracker was surprised in a good way or a bad way. But things would quickly go in his favor. “This guy is funny. Oh, he f***s. Dude, smash just because you made me laugh. Honestly, make me laugh? That’s a much more reliable source than anyone making me orgasm. Kudos to you, my friend.”

Even if he wasn’t ready for her crushing judgement, it was evident that this streamer was ready to transmit the Amouranth film to his friends and social media because we could hear it playing back in his stream and that he was typing quickly.