In a recent broadcast, xQc complained that he was unable to access the accounts for his Texas home and that his ex-girlfriend Adept had refused to grant him access when he had called her to inquire about it.

Before, the content creators xQc and Adept were seen as a power couple in the streaming industry. The two quickly dropped the act and admitted they were in a relationship, after initially pretending they were just “roommates” and not in a relationship. However, following a protracted period of on and off again dating, the two officially announced their separation in September 2022. What came next was a flurry of drama that is still going on now, more than six months later.

The first issue involved the ownership of xQc’s McLaren supercar, which is registered in Adept’s name because Lengyel lacks a license. Then it came to light that Adept had actually filed for divorce, claiming that she and xQc were married in a “common law marriage” and had pursued legal proceedings. But the drama has since continued. at a recent Twitch stream, xQc detailed why he hasn’t been able to reside at his Texas house, saying that his house accounts have been shut out and that his ex-girlfriend and fellow streamer Adept supposedly won’t provide him access back. “I call, and I’m like, could I possibly have my accounts back? They are under my name, which is at the house that I paid for so that I could possibly turn the power on. So I can live my life.”

xQc kept quiet regarding the specifics of Adept’s reply. He made it clear, nevertheless, that things did not turn out the way he had hoped and desired.

“Let’s just say, that didn’t go as well as you think it could possibly go.”