On his most recent stream, popular variety streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” commented on the current World of Warcraft Hardcore scandal surrounding Mitch Jones and discussed the cheating claims plaguing the latter.

Chance frequently streams himself playing MMOs, and at the time the topic regarding Mitch was brought up, he was playing Classic World of Warcraft. According to Sodapoppin, Mitch Jones does not level his own characters, as he has said to his audience. These allegations of cheating are in addition to those that are being made in other online forums. Sodapoppin asserted that he strongly believes Mitch does not level his own characters in Hardcore WoW, despite the fact that most people have not taken the matter seriously. “A lot of people were joking around how, like, Mitch is having… I still don’t think Mitch levels his own characters to 20, or is it to 30? And everyone jokes about it. I really don’t think he does. And no one’s really up in arms ’cause they don’t have the clip, you know?”

The video gained a lot of attention on the forum r/LivestreamFail dedicated to streamers as other people came out with additional details regarding the controversy. Other streamers (like Asmongold) responded to the news when it gained popularity on social media. 

Asmongold read out a popular Reddit post on r/classicwow, which claimed that Mitch Jones was allegedly leveling up off-stream and possessing specific items (like bags) that he could not possibly possess without violating the rules of hardcore World of Warcraft, while streaming yesterday on his alternate account Zackrawrr. The streamer appears to have logged off the channel after receiving trolling from viewers. 

He appears to have acknowledged to switching bags with one of his mods in a later stream after being called out. This video shows Asmongold reading the pertinent passage from the Reddit article. “He is now on stream admitting one of his mods traded him the bags. It’s hilarious. He lied, got caught, and then came back to admit it, like, bruh.”

The co-founder of OTK also responded to the video in which Mitch Jones acknowledged exchanging the bags. Jones’ precise words are as follows: “One of my mods traded me the bags, and I was like that sounds nice. ‘Cause I f*cking hate low bag space so much… It’s against the rules of the Hardcore add-on. I don’t think it would be against the rules of official hardcore. It’s just bags.”

Many people in the neighborhood seem to think that Mitch Jones is actually downplaying how much he has changed his hardline persona. When Asmongold sees one of his viewers’ comments that states the cheater traded additional resources as well, his response to him explaining how he traded bags is pretty telling: “This is crazy. He is downplaying it, saying it was only bags, but it was a whole bunch of gold to buy skills and weapons too.”