Preach Gaming, a Twitch Streamer and YouTuber, is deep into his playthrough of Final Fantasy XIV Online and is beginning to see why so many players are abandoning World of Warcraft for better pastures.

Final Fantasy XIV Online has never been more popular. In June 2021, the game’s user base surpassed 22 million, and its subscriber count has steadily surpassed that of World of Warcraft. 

Preach, who recently left World of Warcraft, has started researching FFXIV Online to see what makes it so unique. In Final Fantasy XIV’s free company housing, Preach uncovered the company workshop room, which allows users to create projects and control airships and submarines. These vehicles can be sent on missions and excursions to acquire resources for new plans and projects, whether they are in the sky or on the sea.

Preach inquired as he surveyed the area; “You build airships and submarines? This is a whole part of the game I haven’t even touched on, right? Yeah, this is ridiculous. Man, it’s no wonder WoW got s**t on when people moved over here. This is very cool. This is incredible, I’m actually mind blown. This is so good.”

It’s evident that Preach has grown to understand the aspects of FFXIV that keep players hooked. Company workshops are only one of many cooperative experiences available in the world of Eorzea, and the further he progresses in the game, the more mechanisms he will find and enjoy.