The Warzone community is fed up with yet another problem in the game’s menus as Operator skins appear to be broken, preventing players from changing their appearance.

Just in the menus, Warzone has had its fair number of bugs outside of the primary game. For example, gamers have recently expressed dissatisfaction with the Season 6 patch and its buggy menu change. Now, a more serious issue is becoming apparent.

With each major update, new cosmetic items and flashy skins are released, whether as part of the Battle Pass or as part of seasonal events. While hackers may be able to get their hands on them early, the typical gamer now faces the possibility of being completely shut out of their purchases. 

Operator menus are breaking in the latest update, leaving a growing number of players without the ability to change their appearance. In Warzone’s menus, some characters and their skins are now greyed off. As a result, players are limited in their options, regardless of what they may have paid for or earned via hard work. This problem appears to affect Operators in both Black Ops and Modern Warfare, with no character appearing to be immune to being locked out at any time.

For some, this is a brand-new problem that has only recently appeared in Season 6. Others, on the other hand, claim that it has been a problem for a long time.

While it may be a long-standing problem for some, it should not be for much longer. According to their public Trello board, Raven Software is on the case and has a patch planned.

There’s no way of knowing when the fix will go into effect, or if it will work immediately away. Rest assured, the developers are quite aware that you may not be able to access your skins at this time.