Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek complimented Valorant‘s newest map Fracture, noting that it will be “f**king wild” in pro games, but figuring out how to approach it will take some time.

In Episode 3 Act 2, Valorant debuted its seventh map, Fracture. When it first came out, it turns out Shroud was a huge fan. He claims that every round on it will be different, and that this will fix Valorant’s “stale” gameplay. His optimism hasn’t changed now that he’s had more time to dig into the map. If anything, it’s gotten a little more intense.

In his recent Youtube video upload, he addressed his opinions about this and here’s what he said; “This map is gonna be f**king wild in pro play. I think it’s a good map.”

However, he doesn’t have a proper take on how to approach it yet and believes “we’ve got to wait for the pros to figure that one out.” Adding; “It’s too hard to control the whole map, so you’ve got to take pieces of it. But then, when you take pieces of it, I don’t know what you do. You can’t take a piece of it and leave somebody because there’s too much ground to cover.”

Shroud also added that because there is too much ground to cover, it’s impossible to seize a section of the map without leaving a teammate behind. You risk losing so much elsewhere if you decide to take the chance and accomplish it.

As a result, he feels it will take everyone some time to get used to it.

Since the map’s release, brave players have started sharing their thoughts on it. Some argue that it’s a decent map, and those who hate it just aren’t used to it yet, while others are less inclined and want to avoid it. As a result, it appears that the verdict on whether or not it is a decent map is still out. Those in favor of it, including shroud, believe it is a breath of fresh air for the game, which can only improve with time.