YouTube gaming powerhouse Valkyrae recently roasted Ludwig while pondering which game to play on the livestream. The popular creators got together for a fun collaborative stream and decided to play Valorant, SpeedRunners, Marbles on Stream, and Battleships, among other games.

Ludwig called Valkyrae in May 2022 and asked if she wanted to join him for a fun two-hour livestream session called Bros versus Bros. After she agreed to participate in the stream, she returned to Ludwig’s channel, only to roast him during the livestream.

Valkyrae simply suggested that they start with SpeedRunners while brainstorming various titles they wanted to play together during the stream, mocking the Streamer of the Year. After being roasted mercilessly by Rae.

Ludwig and Valkyrae, two popular YouTubers, can be seen interacting and having a good time together during the June 14, 2022 broadcast. Initially, the two spent a significant amount of time deciding which games they could play in the livestream. Rae had forgotten to mute her microphone and ended up roasting Ludwig.

Valkyrae, in an attempt to lighten the mood, suggested playing a round of 1v1 Game of Life. Ludwig looked a little perplexed. After a brief discussion about life, Ludwig sought assistance from Rae’s live chatroom to determine which game would be best for them to play together.

The YouTube Gaming sensation simply responded that she is good at SpeedRunner and that they should try it. Speed Runner is a multiplayer side-scrolling racing game in which four players compete against one another. Devious weapons and pick-ups can even be used to knock opponents off the screen. TinyBuild created and published the app.

Ludwig agreed to try the game because it sounded interesting but admitted that he wasn’t very good at it. Rae seized the opportunity to quickly roast Ludwig, predicting that he would fail miserably.

The roast drew a flood of interesting responses from viewers from all over the internet, as expected. Needless to say, the comment section is completely insane. The following are some of the most pertinent responses.

This isn’t the first time Valkyrae has made light of Ludwig during their livestream. She is, after all, known for her amusing comments and jabs at other streamers. Whether it’s through Sykkuno or Disguised Toast, the YouTube Gaming sensation has always been outspoken, even if it’s to ruthlessly roast someone.