Twitch streamer Emiru recently opened up about her encounter she had with a waitress who named her favorite OTK (One True King) member.

While wearing official OTK merch, the cosplayer went out to dinner with other Twitch streamers. The waitress at the restaurant recognized Emily’s unique outfit right away and expressed her admiration for it. After hearing that Ludwig was the waitress’ favorite OTK member, the streamer was taken aback.

Emiru decided to dress up as Neeko, and talked about the previous night before beginning to play games, mentioning that she, Lacari, and Dave had gone out to dinner. A waitress at the restaurant was overjoyed to see the 24-year-old gamer wearing OTK merch while they were there. After noticing how the waitress failed to recognize her as a prominent member of the streamer organization, Emiru was perplexed.

Emiru and Dave were both intrigued by the situation, and they speculated that the waitress might be watching some of the more popular streamers like Asmongold and JSchlatt. The waitress guessed the two male streamers were Mizkif viewers, while Emiru was a Ludwig viewer, and the conversation came to a close when the Austin, Texas native stated.

The streamer’s video was one of the most popular on the r/LiveStreamFail subreddit, and fans were quick to respond with witty and hilarious comments.

Emily started streaming on Twitch in 2016, and her popularity skyrocketed after she joined One True King at the beginning of this year. She currently has 951k followers and has an average of over 11k viewers per stream.