Jeremy “Disguised Toast,” a popular Twitch streamer, used his channel to broadcast a Teamfight Tactics webcast on January 16, 2023.

The streamer humorously stated that he was seeking for ways to finance his professional Valorant esports team, DSG, when asked why he opted to broadcast. Additionally, he stated that after being accepted into the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Challengers, he had earned “$0.” Disguised Toast divulged “industry secrets,” alleging that the aforementioned arrangements do not “happen in two days,” in response to supporters who advised that he hunt for sponsorship deals. 

Disguised On January 16, 2023, Toast announced that he will be livestreaming from Taiwan and gave a justification. In joking, he said he was trying to find ways to collect money for DSG. “What better way to enjoy the beautiful place, that is Taiwan, than staying in and playing video games? So that I can fund my Valorant team.”

The OfflineTV participant said that despite qualifying for the VCT Challengers, his team failed to make “a single dollar.” He continued by saying that there was no reward fund available for teams who won the professional esports league: “We haven’t made a single dollar yet. We qualified for VCT Challengers and the prize pool for winning the qualifying event is $0. So, I haven’t made a single dollar, just yet. You know, maybe soon. Maybe in a few months.” 

The 30-year-focus old’s was then caught by viewers who were inquiring about sponsorship opportunities. He gave certain “industry secrets” in return: “‘What about sponsors?’ Guys… I’m going to let you guys in on it in this industry secrets, regarding sponsors. Sponsors don’t happen in two days! I know it’s crazy there’s that you can’t convince a billion-dollar company to give you their money in two days. I know, it’s crazy! All the people in chat typing, ‘What about sponsors?’ I’m sorry I had to be the one to break that to you. But that’s not how society works. You guys (are) saying sponsors as of like, ‘Oh, hey sponsor! You want to give us some money? I mean, we don’t have to talk about like, the contract details, have lawyers look at it, the negotiations. Can you just give us the money? And like, we’ll figure it out from there?'”