One of the most popular female streamers around the world, Rachell Hofstetter aka Valkyrae shares her thoughts about Pokimane after being asked by a viewer on stream expressing her love to the fellow streamer and stating that Poki is a pioneer in the gaming industry.

The streaming community has lately been facing some controversies and drama surrounding streamers and their contents. Some streamers have been in a debate recently whether it is about the recent gambling drama which involves xQc and Trainwrecks or about the controversial meta that has become a trend within the platform. Arguments and disagreements between streamers are always taking place.

But then despite all of this, there are also sometimes that streamers or personalities have taken the time to compliment their fellow streamers.

During a recent live broadcast, Popular youtube personality and 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae has been asked by a viewer of her thoughts about her fellow streamer and friend Pokimane. Instead of answering quickly, Valkyrae took some time to explain how great of a friend Pokimane is. She explained why Poki is so important to her and the Twitch platform as a whole.

Valkyrae even called Pokimane a pioneer in the gaming industry. She then further revealed that whenever she thinks of Pokimane, she thinks of her as her younger sister as they were born four years apart.

Here’s what she said; “I think she’s a pioneer in the gaming industry, and in space, and I think she’s incredibly smart, incredibly beautiful, a businesswoman, and a talented queen… When I think of Poki I do think of her as a little sister”.

Valkyrae and Pokimane together with other female streamers have previously lived together in the same house but then they eventually decided to go their separate ways for many reasons. However, despite going their separate ways, they clearly still love each other and treat one another as a family.