Twitch streamer Tyler1 hosted his regular livestream in which he played League of Legends, his signature game. A viewer in his chat asked him to help other streamers conquer their fields in the trending and seasonal subreddit, r/Place, while he was waiting in the pre-game lobby and choosing his champion.

He expresses his thoughts and opinions on the subject. Tyler had just loaded into the pre-game lobby of the popular MOBA during one of his most recent streams, and he had only been playing for a few hours.

While waiting for his turn to choose a support, Tyler1 received a message in the Twitch chat from a viewer asking him to assist the French community on the r/Place subreddit.

Tyler expressed his first impression by saying he doesn’t care if people hype up the seasonal subreddit and that he isn’t likely to stream content related to it. On the subreddit, the internet celebrity even imitated the way some viewers requested he go.

For a few seconds, he read some of the responses in his Twitch chat. The Twitch star then proceeded to make a hilarious analogy about the topic.

The League of Legends streamer quickly wrapped up by discussing the topic and responding to messages sent to him by various other channel chat members.

Fans and viewers on Reddit expected Tyler1 to respond in this manner, and they questioned the viewer’s decision to ask him about the current viral trend on Reddit. His League of Legends addiction was brought up by a few viewers.

Tyler is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, League of Legends content creators on the platform, with a massive 4.8 million followers and a concurrent viewership of around 21k people per stream.