Logan Paul knows how to make a video go viral on the internet. Since the inception of Vines, the YouTube sensation has been a part of the social media circle. Paul has been blowing up since he started making Vines and has gone viral on the platform. He subsequently moved on to YouTube, where he started his impressive career as a YouTuber and social media celebrity.

However, despite this, every now and again he gets viral for the wrong reasons or without his involvement. One such example was the Emo Logan Paul meme. In 2017, a photo of an Emo man with a face structure that was surprisingly similar to Logan Paul’s went viral.

For those who didn’t know, Emo is a term that refers to a particular style and musical taste that appeals to a certain demographic. Emo men and women typically wear a lot of jewelry, have long hair that conceals their eyes, and coloured hair. The grunge or gloomy appearance is ideal for someone who identifies as an Emo.

Logan Paul talked about how the internet and all of his friends mocked him because of the meme stating; “All my boys are making fun of me for my nipple, but I got an idea. We’ll see who’s laughing now. You’ve all seen the memes, but the emo man in this viral picture is actually not me… until today.”

In typical Logan ‘The Maverick’ Paul fashion, he made the most of the situation and turned it into content. Paul hired a makeup artist and went through an entire emo makeover to make him look exactly like the meme.

Paul revealed his transformation and shared it with his fans on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. While many followers found Paul’s makeover amusing, others were appalled and freaked out. It’s encouraging to see that the YouTuber-turned-boxer can take a joke and run with it. Because he took advantage of opportunities like this, Paul rose to the top of the social media and entertainment worlds.