During his most recent livestream, Asmongold crossed the 450k concurrent viewer threshold, making it one of the best months of his live streaming career.

Asmongold has been following and reacting to the celebrity defamation case involving Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, and he took advantage of the opportunity to co-stream the live courtroom trial’s verdict date.

After six hours of waiting for the verdict, the Twitch content creator was ecstatic to see Johnny Depp win the court case and expressed his joy by thanking his more than 450k Twitch viewers.

Asmongold’s joy reached new heights after Johnny Depp won the high-profile trial on June 1.

Fans in his Twitch chat began to mention Johnny Depp winning a whopping $13 million, prompting the streamer to label the winnings as “#bigwinsonly.”

Some viewers asked if Amber Heard, who is facing perjury charges, would go to jail.

On the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail, the streamer’s clip was a top post. The post received over 4.1k upvotes, with 700 fans commenting on their thoughts on the situation. Hundreds of thousands of people watched an MMO game, which surprised some fans.

Fans began comparing the followings of various Twitch streamers and content creators, and some were relieved when Amber Heard’s lawsuit was dismissed.

Redditors joked about who would have made more money between Asmon and Johnny Depp.

During May, Asmongold dethroned Felix “xQc” as the second most popular English-speaking Twitch streamer. On June 1, the content creator received over 8,000 subscriptions and now has an average of 100k concurrent viewers per stream.