A stream sniper revealed how they were able to get into all of Ali ‘Myth‘ Kabbani’s recent Valorant games despite his best efforts to avoid them, leaving him speechless.

The art of stream sniping has progressed to new heights across various Twitch communities over the years. There are some helpful stream snipers out there who want to help a streamer get through a game, but there are also those who just want to troll and get their moment in the spotlight.

In order to avoid stream snipers, streamers frequently delay their broadcasts or hide their screen while looking for a game. These methods, however, are not always effective.

Myth is dealing with a stream sniper who can’t be dealt with because they’re using code to figure out when he’s queuing up in Valorant, which surprised the former TSM star.

During his June 3 stream, Myth had to deal with the stream sniper once more, finally questioning them about how they keep getting into his game.

The stream sniper revealed that their friend had written a program using the game’s API that allows them to queue alongside Myth and join his game as if they were both queuing at the same time. This, predictably, surprised Myth.

Myth was even more surprised when the stream sniper mentioned how he’d gotten into a recent game where the queue fell apart before he could even show his team.While some stream snipers have become fixtures on streams – who can forget Shroud‘s PUBG troll, the “Banana Man” – their presence isn’t always welcomed. Using the game’s API could also get the sniper and their pal in trouble with Riot Games, not to mention Myth’s wrath.