ORDER recently announced that it will extend their partnership with Riot Games by becoming their official partner of the Oceanic Teamfight Tactics esports scene.

ORDER’s announcement said that it will still have their exclusive rights to all TFT esports events in the region until Set Eight or until the middle of 2023. Many in the scene will be relieved to hear this news, as ORDER’s work is seen as the foundation of a rapidly growing and thriving local esports ecosystem.

ORDER has provided avenues for Oceanic players to reach the world stage since taking over in Set Four, with each champion, Razza and Escha, making the top eight at the world championship since the partnership began.

Both ORDER and Riot are now mid-way through hosting the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Oceanic Series, which began on November 17th through the Set Six and mid-set expansion, before culminating in the Regional Finals which are set to take place between March 25-27.

A closed and invitation-only tournament and Challenger Series event where the 16 top-ranked players on the ladder compete over two days for automatic qualification to the Mid-Set Invitational, is the next event in this series and will take place from January 15-16 and will feature a $1,200 AUD prize pool.

On Twitch, ORDER will be covering all of the major events in the Gizmos and Gadgets series.