The audience and users’ reactions to the just released Kick have been rather conflicted. Kick is the future of streaming, according to the notorious streamer Trainwreckstv, who co-owns it and promoted it. Trainwreckstv was banned from Twitch for gambling during his broadcast. has been able to draw a lot of interest from new broadcasters because to considerably more lenient regulations than the Amazon-owned site and higher revenue margins. Yet, there have also been some significant debates about the website and its commercial activities. Nonetheless, Trainwreck produced a brand-new infographic highlighting the revenue prospects provided by the platform to support its position as the streaming platform of the future. Many streamers, including Trainwreck, were impacted after Twitch prohibited gambling and advised every streamer to avoid promoting it. As gambling was their primary focus, many producers began seeking for new opportunities, and some even succeeded in shifting their audience.

Yet, Trainwreck went a little bit further than merely relocating. Train went ahead and established his own streaming platform in conjunction with, his previous gambling sponsor. He has been promoting the website’s platform ever since it launched, saying Twitch is its main rival in every way.

Kick’s high revenue margins and modest creator-platform split served as its primary selling point. When many at first questioned the network’s insanely favorable creative revenue structure, Trainwreck insisted that this is what the platform will offer to its broadcasters and partners. He posted an info graph of what a creator on the platform would look like with 3,500 subscribers on Twitter. He mentioned that a streamer with 3,500 subscribers may earn almost $16,000. Kick’s monthly revenue would be in the millions if compared to some of the most popular Twitch streamers, including Kai Cenat and xQc, who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

As their newest investor, Adin Ross, streamed some questionable and troubling video on his channel, Kick was in the news and receiving a lot of negative press. Kick did not, however, prohibit him for a single day despite his dubious behavior, demonstrating how flexible their policies are.