MeesterKeem, an IRL Twitch streamer, was climbing a mountain in Vietnam when a man in front of him tripped and tumbled down the route, just missing a potentially fatal fall.

IRL Twitch streams are quite well-liked. Many streamers on the site create content that consists nearly entirely of videos documenting their travels across the globe. Because to its breathtaking landscapes and intriguing culture, Vietnam has been a favorite destination for IRL broadcasters. Yet not all tourist attractions are secure, as evidenced by a video of a broken roller coaster that was shot in a Vietnamese amusement park. 

MeesterKeem, a Twitch streamer, narrowly avoided a potentially lethal fall into sharp rocks or, worse yet, a tumble that could have sent him plunging hundreds of feet down the mountain when he slipped and fell down the steep route in this case. MeesterKeem spent the day traveling around Vietnam with some other travelers, taking a thorough tour of a temple in Ninh Bnh, and ultimately deciding to hike up the rocky path to Hang Mua Peak, a well-known destination for travelers who want to see the stone serpents that reside at the top of the mountain.

Keem noticed a climber ahead of him who turned around after spotting the peak. He stumbled and slid down the exceedingly steep trail when he attempted to turn around and return up the way.

Both the streamer and his chat immediately reacted in horror, fearing that the man might plunge off the mountain. He fell into what appeared to be the least sharp rocks of the group, which fortunately prevented him from falling off the edge of the mountain. Although the man looked to have only minor injuries from the fall, he was obviously scared. He was assisted in getting back up on his feet and moving down the trail by Keem and another climber. 

MeesterKeem succeeded in reaching the trail’s summit and lingered there for a short while, although he was plainly concerned about the difficulty of the descent. While the entire trail was covered in sharp rocks, he briefly considered taking off his shoes, claiming that they were slippery and that he may have more luck without them. He descended the trail from a different side, one that required him to hold onto a chain while he did so. 

There was little doubt that this wasn’t the safest track in the world, but happily, both the streamer and the person who fell were unharmed as they descended. MeesterKeem has experienced some strange encounters on broadcast before. While he was in Thailand, he was able to apprehend a pickpocket in the act of stealing his wallet.