Rapper turned streamer on Twitch, DeAndre Cortez Way, known professionally as Soulja Boy has recently weighed in on the discussion about streamers leaving twitch for an exclusive deal on Youtube gaming as he stated; “You sold out for clout!”

Popular Twitch streamers are slowly moving over to YouTube live streaming. While many are happy and congratulating the streamers, it seems like some people aren’t so happy with the shift. Rapper Soulja Boy has stated his position on these moves, claiming the streamers are selling out for clout.

During a recent live broadcast of the popular rapper turned Twitch streamer Soulja Boy, he went off on the popular streamers who are leaving the platform for YouTube. He chimed in on the exodus of streamers leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming in an explosive and vulgar rant. Soulja Boy continues to be a Twitch streamer and he assured his community that he will remain on the platform despite all of the moves to YouTube.

He claimed that he doesn’t need to sell out to YouTube because of how wealthy he is before flashing his money at the live viewers. During the stream, he went on to show that he already has so much cash and claimed that he will never leave the platform to sign an exclusive deal to the rival platform.

He shows off to his chat stating; “Y’all want to see what a million dollars looks like? Stop f**king playing with me!” Aside from that, he also moved his camera and showed the outside of his house where he had a Lamborghini truck parked in the driveway stating; “You see that f**king Lambo truck sitting outside my house? That’s $500,000! I’m the first rapper to show a Lambo truck live on Twitch sitting outside his house! Stop playing with me.”

He even bragged that he was one of the “richest” streamers on Twitch and argued that the other broadcasters in question had fled to YouTube for a check. According to Soulja Boy, he’s team Amazon all the way. He then continued to blast to the streamers who leave the platform exclaiming; “They sold out for clout! I never do that! I never leave Twitch for the clout! I am clout! I don’t need no money! I don’t need sh*t! I will never leave Twitch!”