A computer-generated Twitch or YouTube streamer is known as a VTuber. Even though the girl in Gawr Gura’s videos isn’t real, she has a staggering four million subscribers. In addition, Barbie has a vlog channel with 11 million subscribers. The latest person to try his hand at streaming is Tony The Tiger from Kellogg’s. VTubing is a serious business.

Soon, Tony The Tiger will sign up for Twitch. Tomorrow, August 19, the cereal mascot will make his streaming debut when he competes on his new Twitch channel against streamers Jakeem “Big Cheese,” Chrissy Costanza, and Brennon “GoldGlove” O’Neill.

We do not yet know which well-known battle royale game Tony The Tiger will be participating in. Fortnite? Fall Guys? The two-hour stream will feature Tony showcasing his custom Frosted Flakes gaming setup, which includes a computer that is cooled by milk.

Although Tony The Tiger once had a Twitter account that seemed innocent enough, things changed. As horny requests from the furry mascot’s followers grew, Tony bolted for the hills, never to be seen again.