Twitch star Hasan “HasanAbi” returned to his channel on March 22, 2023 to present a Just Chatting broadcast after getting into a violent argument with Tyler “Trainwreckstv.”

He was watching recordings from the livestream from the day before when he noticed a comment from a viewer. In the AdrianahLee-CrazySlick sexual assault issue, it was brought out that French-Canadian content creator Felix “xQc’s” YouTube editor had named a video saying HasanAbi was “arguing in bad faith.” The Turkish-American personality was shocked by the assertion and called out xQc and his YouTube editor after double-checking and validating it. He declared: “I think, that’s like, f**ked up for xQc to, you know, put out there. Because I think it’s just false! You know what I mean? ‘xQc is right. Hasan is a snake. Discussion.’ I mean, come on!”

Recently, at the 50-minute mark of his livestream, HasanAbi saw a user by the name of “mightyjaime,” who made the following comment: “His (xQc) editor titled the original SA (s*xual assault) debate you had with xQc and Train(wreckstv) and named it, ‘Hasan argues in bad faith.’ Haha, it’s so ironic xQc s**ts on Ostonox.”

The political commentator read the allegations, started looking for answers on YouTube, and found that the Twitch talk was accurate. His first response was: “Yeah, dude, I mean, oh, that’s an even better one actually. God d*amn! Where was this last night, when I needed you? Okay? Yeah, dude, you are right! Did he change that? Yeah! Look, look, look! Look at this!”  

The six-month-old YouTube video in which xQc, Hasan, and Trainwreckstv discussed the AdrianahLee-CrazySlick sex assault controversy’s title was read aloud by the Twitch streamer: “xQc’s own editor literally posted this saying, ‘Hasan argues in bad faith. Backfires when Adrianah and Train show up.’ 300,000 people almost watched that s**t! Come on, dog!”

HasanAbi believed it was improper for xQc to publish the video with the aforementioned title, which he asserted was untrue. He continued by calling the former Overwatch pro’s editors “unhinged”: “‘He doesn’t ever look at his YouTube.’ Well, I literally control what Ostonox says on his own f**king free time. Significantly less than xQc does with his editor, so. But they also s**t on X, too. Yes, they are unhinged. Yes. Anyway. So, that’s a brief aside. None of this matters, ultimately, okay? The ‘Hissan’ s**t is whatever.”