Twitch streamer “Danklo83” was visibly shaken after a group of “drunk teens” invaded his livestream and smashed the window of his recording booth mid-stream.

During a livestream, some of the most unbelievable things can happen. After all, it’s why there’s a subreddit called Livestream Fails. The majority of the time, they’re bizarre and amusing, such as when a content creator was banned for shaving his genitals live on stream. Some streams have managed to capture some truly terrifying moments. One streamer was ‘choked’ by a stranger who approached him on the streets of Amsterdam, while another had one of her trolls swat at her family home.

Now, one streamer has captured the terrifying moment a group of apparently inebriated onlookers smashed the window of the kiosk where he was filming his stream.

Danklo83, a Twitch streamer with 18.4K followers, is known for streaming from inside his glass-paneled kiosk, which allows the busy streets behind him to serve as his backdrop. As a result, if curious passers-by knock on his door, he’s eager to welcome them onto his stream for a short time. Although he was probably wishing he’d kept his door shut on one occasion.

Danklo83 was in the middle of a livestream on February 12th when a group of young onlookers walked up to the window and asked if they could say “hi” to the camera. Things became a little concerning when the large group became rowdy and aggressively pushed their way through the doorway, but he was able to get them back outside. The group then began to chant loudly as he waved goodbye, before two of them began smashing their heads against the glass like the Runners from The Last Of Us.

As the group made a break for it, Danklo83 was speechless and put his hands on his head in shock. The streamer did not appear to be hurt, but his studio was shattered by shards of glass.

Thankfully, Danklo83 appeared to be unharmed, and some good Samaritans were on hand to assist him. As Danklo83 brushed up the shards of glass outside, one man from the street assisted the streamer in taping the window back together. He then, predictably, lowered the shutters to ensure there was no further damage.

Most high-profile content creators may be able to stream from their own homes. Is it really any surprise that so many people have been targeted while filming in public places?