Despite having previously struggled with his YouTube channel, Esfand has been celebrating his success after reaching enormous viewership numbers with his most recent video revealing his new home gym.

Due to their appearance in Camp Knut, Esfand and his friend Mizkif have taken over Twitch during the summer of 2022.

The challenge has brought together a variety of creators from the community to work out in the gym and display their strength. All thanks to fitness streamer Knut and none other than Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson, the world’s strongest man in 2018.

Not only did Camp Knut significantly increase Mizkif’s viewership, but it also had a positive impact on the participants’ health. Esfand decided to invest $50,000 in building his own home gym as a result.

On August 22, Esfand expressed his happiness over the 28.1k views his YouTube video had received in the first two hours after it was uploaded. The video showed off his amazing new home gym setup.

The Twitch streamer said he had been finding it difficult to manage his YouTube channel, which according to his statistics would receive an average of 3-6.3k views. Esfand gave his fans a tour of his home gym in the video, which as of this writing has almost 73,000 views. For the grand unveiling, he was joined by his friends Knut and Thor.

The pair was astounded by Esfand’s impressive assortment of exercise apparatus, which included a pit shark, a hybrid leg curl, and powerblocks. They were all branded with the OTK and Esfand logos.

Nmplol is relieved that Camp Knut may be coming to an end. However, as a result of his training with Knut and Thor, Esfand is obviously eager to improve his gymnastics abilities.