Tyler Faraz Niknam, better known as Trainwreckstv on Twitch, is a hot topic in the streaming community, and fans couldn’t agree more. In related news, the American streamer recently purchased a brand new stunning Lamborghini Aventador SVJ for $1.4 million. The twitch streamer has no doubt wowed the audience. Trainwreckstv also mentioned it on Twitter, a popular social media platform. In fact, the streamer has shared a photo of the Aventador SVJ model that he recently purchased.

This appears to be a black color variant of the iconic 2020 supercar. What’s more surprising is that, in conjunction with this announcement, Trainwreckstv also chastised some people in the streaming industry, referring to them as “rats.” Without a doubt, this must be a happy moment for the popular 31-year-old streamer. Trainwreckstv hasn’t revealed any more information about the brand new car he gave himself as of yet. Many of the streamer’s fans, as well as a few other prominent streaming personalities, have congratulated him.

Trainwreckstv made this happy announcement on Twitter on March 13, 2022.

The tweet also includes an image that fans can use to learn more about this stunning vehicle. People have already flooded the comment section of this tweet with their thoughts on Trainwreckstv’s latest acquisition. Many people are happy about it, while others are unhappy because they believe it is all gambling money and sets a bad example for the streamer’s audience.

Many fans may have never heard of Trainwreckstv before, but don’t worry. On the popular purple platform Twitch, Trainwreckstv is known for hosting scuffed podcasts and gambling streams.

Furthermore, the streamer had been in the news for a few months. And it’s entirely due to his high-stakes gambling.

Speaking of which, the streamer has had a roller coaster ride over the last few months. In fact, Trainwreckstv recently won a massive $14 million jackpot while playing slots on Twitch. What’s more surprising is that the streamer also lost around $12 million on Twitch gambling. This only adds to the fact that gambling is fraught with risk.