Timothy John Betar AKA TimtheTatman has spoken out once more about his former streaming platform. For those who are unaware, he left Twitch in September due to its egregious policies. He always felt that the purple platform didn’t do its users justice because it never came through for him when he needed it the most. As a result, he switched to YouTube gaming, where he felt at ease.

That isn’t to say he hasn’t complained about Twitch. His fans claim they’ve seen him criticize the streaming platform multiple times in his streams. Now that a new ad policy has been implemented, Tim has addressed the issue once more.

TimTheTatman recently opened up about Twitch in one of his streams, which fans noticed. He talked to his chat about Twitch’s new ad policy before starting his Warzone and Valorant sessions, and didn’t like it because he thought the platform was exploiting the streamers rather than supporting them. As a result, he was relieved to have walked out at the right time, paving the way for a better life for himself. He then discussed how the streamer and Twitch split the ad revenue.

It was a lengthy conversation, as he also discussed how it would affect upcoming streamers with smaller audiences. He simply thanked God for getting him out at the right time, as it would have had a significant impact on his career.

Twitch appears to be going through a rough patch, as multiple streamers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s unrealistic policies. Ludwig, the most popular streamer, even made a video for his fans about the purple platform. He talked about how Twitch ignored him despite the fact that he was one of their top contributors. The Smash Bros. pro also discussed how Twitch didn’t bother to hold him back despite his massive earnings in just a few months on the platform.

Ludwig made the video after his final stream, when he was about to leave after three years. Now that the streamer has joined YouTube gaming, he is loving every minute of it.