YouTube gaming star TimTheTatman recently roasted haters who claim that fellow streamer NICKMERCS is losing viewers because he switched to Apex Legends.

NICKMERCS was one of the most popular streamers in Fortnite and Warzone, but he’s found a new home and love in Apex Legends in recent months. Despite the fact that his streams have fewer viewers, he explained that he would rather enjoy himself than hate the game he is playing.

TimTheTatman clapped back at the haters who said NICKMERCS “fell off,” despite the fact that some people don’t agree with his decision.

NICKMERCS’ switch to Apex Legends is defended by TimTheTatman.

Tim had the perfect response to a viewer who asked why streamers like NICKMERCS moved away from the games that made them famous while he was live.

When it comes to streaming, the YouTube sensation believes it is critical to prioritize yourself. He claimed that you should be content with what you’re doing and not let the audience dictate your actions. He then went on to defend NICKMERCS against the trolls who claim he’s “falling off” because Apex Legends has fewer viewers than Warzone.

If falling off means becoming a multi-millionaire with 20,000 viewers watching what he wants to watch, Tim believes those same people would sign the same contract. Nick signed a huge deal with Twitch in October to stay on the platform exclusively.

However, he has stated numerous times that it is giving back to his MFAM community and enjoying his time while streaming that motivates him.