Despite apologizing and promising fans he wouldn’t do it again 10 months ago, gambling has made a comeback on Twitch after xQc began streaming the activity.

This prompted YouTube Gaming streamer Ludwig to respond, urging Twitch to ban sponsored gambling streams from the platform.

Ludwig said in a video posted to his Mogul Mail YouTube channel earlier today titled “Twitch Needs to Stop Gambling Streamers” that he believes the platform should crack down on these types of broadcasts.

Many fans and streamers have condemned xQc’s actions, but Ludwig believes the fault lies with the Amazon-owned platform for allowing sponsored gambling streams in the first place.

Ludwig also proposed a simple rule that he believes would “solve” Twitch gambling: the platform should simply stop allowing sponsored gambling streams on its platform. Ludwig claims that it’s too easy to gamble on a stream when the money comes from sponsors, but that if the streamer’s own money is on the line, they’ll be much less likely to do so.

xQc was in hot water ten months ago, receiving waves of backlash for broadcasting himself playing slots and exposing the addictive activity to his young audience.

As a result, he promised fans that he would never live stream gambling again and expressed regret for his actions. On May 17, however, it appeared that the star had broken his promise, returning to gambling with a paid sponsorship.

Twitch has yet to make an official statement on its own site about the new wave of gambling. And the platform’s most popular creator has no plans to slow down anytime soon. According to TwitchTracker, XQc streamed slots for the second time yesterday for five hours and had a steady viewership of over 100,000 concurrent viewers.