Michael Grzesiek AKA Shroud recently spent a significant amount of time streaming New World on Twitch in recent weeks, and it’s clear that he’s a huge fan. 

However, he still devotes a significant amount of time to another video game World of Warcraft in his spare time, and the streamer would prefer to swap one of those two games for the other. When Shroud was asked if he “thinks about New World while WoW raiding,” he quickly explained why he continues to play World of Warcraft. Surprisingly, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the game!

He used to say that all the time. WoW is awesome, and he only plays it for the people. That is all there is to it. That game is terrible. He went on to say that his squad would be fine without him, but that if he left, he’d be betraying them.

It’s difficult to believe that’s the only reason Shroud keeps playing World of Warcraft, but it’s possible he’s lost a lot of interest in the game. Having a new MMO to play is likely to have played a role, but the streamer is clearly dissatisfied with Activision Blizzard right now. As Dexerto points out, Shroud was asked to stream World of Warcraft back in September, but he declined because the game “doesn’t deserve” his time. This appeared to be a reference to recent allegations of racism, sexism, and “frat boy culture” at the company, which have resulted in a number of changes to World of Warcraft.

New World was released in September by Amazon Game Studios, and it has amassed a devoted following in the last two months. It’s difficult to say whether New World will be able to maintain the same level of fervent fandom as World of Warcraft, but having streamers like Shroud on board can only help.