In his livestream on March 14, 2023, Tyler “Trainwreckstv” discussed the recently ended Streamer Awards 2023 and expressed surprise at some of the winners.

Tyler claimed that he thought the awards may have been influenced by the organizers because he found it hard to imagine that a streamer with only 50K followers could defeat a top 10 streamer. After that, Trainwreckstv made a passing reference to a recent tirade he had about streamer awards ceremonies, which he thinks may have contributed to the outcomes of the Streamer Awards 2023: “It’s almost like they heard my cookie-cutter rant.” 

Trainwreckstv voiced dissatisfaction with the results of some categories during his stream, saying that he thought the prizes weren’t given equitably. He continued by claiming that the awards’ outcomes appeared to be predetermined, implying that the organizers may have played a role in selecting the winners. Regarding the ceremony, Tyler said: “This is going to be next-level delusion and narcissism, but it’s almost like they heard my cookie-cutter rant and they’re like, ‘Okay, f**k. Those are the winners, we need to swap this around, okay? You know what? What do you guys say about this? We’re gonna give you this award, but for this you’re gonna lose, we’re gonna give it to this guy’. There is no shot in the entire streaming world, all the people who were grinding, like the top 10s, are all getting beaten by a 50K follower Twitter and Twitch user.”

He said, approaching the subject from a different angle: “Like listen, it’s a beautiful thing, don’t get me wrong, I love that. I do love it, in an ideal world. If we were to teleport to an ideal world where sh*t like, you know, it’s beautiful, fine. But there is no shot, you know, three f**king, two million, three million, six million follower Andy’s got beaten by a 50K follower individual.”