Who is RanbooLive?

Very little is known about this young man other than the fact that he is a minor American male who loves Minecraft and wearing his trademark black-and-white mask and matching gloves. He only started streaming on Twitch in September 11, 2020 and yet has somehow managed to propel himself to being the most popular streamer on Twitch as of September 1, 2021, which is insane for a non-fps, non-pro player .

With over 113,000 subscribers and an average viewership of ~63,000 individuals as of September 1, 2021, he is looking at a starting monthly income of $395,500 USD. That’s putting aside his income from tiered subscriptions, sponsorships, advertising fees, merchandise sales and other sources of revenue.

So, how did it all start?

who is RanbooLive


RanbooLive originally began creating content for his YouTube channel in August 2020. He then decided to market it on TikTok in the hopes that it would garner interest in his YouTube channel on September 11, 2020,  and that those numbers would in turn get him noticed by the MCC and DreamTeam because he is was (and still is) a massive fan of theirs and wanted to play with them.  To his surprise his TikTok account took off, and by extension so did his Twitch and YouTube accounts. In fact, by October 16, he had already gained 40,000 followers to his Twitch channel.

Needless to say, TikTok and Twitch have since developed into his main creative focus, although his YouTube views are nothing to be sneered at either.

One of the major tools that he used to grow was a constant stream

of funny and random TikToks, which he later exported to Twitter as well. Interestingly, despite tweeting several tweets a day, some of which were as deep gems such as ‘Bananas,’ his tweets, no matter how benign somehow gathered more and more likes and retweets.

Another useful tool was that he discovered early on that he was able to email his subscribers directly. They appreciated this and spread the word. This encouraged others who also wanted engagement from him to follow suit. The next step was for him to email sub-exclusive backstories and lore about his Minecraft character to his subscribers, which gained him even more subscribers.

Of course, the other undeniable factors for his growth is also just a combination of luck, hype and momentum. After all, when a streamer pops up out of nowhere and rapidly gains viewers, that invokes the curiosity of others which further boosts the numbers, and so on. This of course also attracts the notice of other content creators, leading to collaborations. This leads to more both parties gaining more visibility and followers.

What he’s known for

who is RanbooLive

RanbooLive is primarily known as a meme lord and comedic genius but is also known for constantly emphasizing his desire for privacy in all regards. In fact, he has been careful to not let so much as his zodiac sign slip. It is questionable whether that is even his real hair, or whether he is wearing a wig to throw his viewers off.

In-game, he has gained a reputation for his consistent lore and world building on his server, as well as his commitment to staying in character. This was combined with his sense of humor and creativity, which also helped him to give him the extra boost.

However, since becoming the streamer with the largest subscriber count on Twitch, he has also made a point of hosting charity subscriber events. One such event even managed to raise over $300,0000 USD in 24 hours.

He also started a scavenger hunt for an alternate account in March 2021 called ‘Ranboobutnot’ that was found by 17,000 of his followers within a day. Since then, it has gained over 600,000 followers. The subscriber count is unknown. Although his first stream entailed watching a movie with his subs, it has since become an account for his alternative Minecraft content featuring other characters.