TenZ provides some extremely useful advice for players looking to break into the Valorant professional scene.

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo needs no introduction; he is one of the most talented Valorant players in the world, and the Sentinels‘ professional Valorant player, and a very important one at that. Tenz is also well-known in the streaming community, in addition to playing competitive valorant.

On his Twitch channel, he consistently attracts more than 30k viewers. And he has a total of 2.3 million Twitch followers and 1.29 million YouTube subscribers.

Being a pro/professional player entails participating in a game’s competitive scene while representing a team but it means more than just competing in tournaments; it also means constantly improving yourself, assisting teammates, and giving your all. In addition, tenz has some thoughts on how to become a professional player.

You can’t be in a team if you don’t have good communication skills, even if your mechanical skills are excellent.

Apart from communication, continue to play Valorant rank and try to establish a reputation. Simultaneously, try to improve as much as possible and get to know others well.

Someone will undoubtedly pick you up if you are a good player with excellent communication skills.