Sykkuno is the latest streamer to express concerns about rumored Twitch monetization changes, expressing concern that the change could be particularly damaging to big streamers.

Twitch has amassed over 2 million broadcasters since being purchased by Amazon in 2014, with 50k creators going on to become partners. Many of the platform’s partnered streamers have gone on to have very lucrative careers as a result of a 50/50 or 70/30 revenue split.

Twitch is said to be considering a number of monetization changes. Revenue splits will be capped at 50/50, and streamers will have more ad breaks, according to Bloomberg. Furthermore, Twitch is rumored to be cutting exclusivity deals, allowing creators to stream on multiple platforms.

The rumors have understandably rocked the streaming community, with many creators already speaking out against the changes. Now, Sykkuno has stated that the changes could be “extremely detrimental” to streamers. However, he went against the grain, claiming that the “no exclusivity” plans could be problematic as well.

The report contained several changes that were blasted by Twitch viewers and streamers alike. The idea of cutting exclusivity deals was praised, as it would allow streamers to broadcast across multiple platforms.

Sykkuno claimed it was a “bad” idea. Following a fan’s argument that no exclusivity would be better for bigger streamers, and disagreed claiming that it could be “really bad.”

Sykkuno, like his fellow streamers, expressed concern that Twitch’s reported plans to cap revenue splits at 50% are “really bad,” as creators could “lose a lot of money.”

He also criticized the possibility of more ads being shown during streams. The use of advertisements has become especially contentious in recent months, with Twitch offering $100 to streamers who run two minutes of ads for every hour they stream, much to the chagrin of viewers.