A fan gave Summit1g a special Twitch challenge, and it didn’t take him long to utterly fail it.

Anyone who has followed Summit for a while will recognize his distinctive jargon. One viewer wanted to challenge the celebrity streamer a little bit with their donation because of the way he speaks in chat, which has become a bit of a meme. Twitch user Energetically issued him a $5 message challenging him to refrain from using the word “man” for a full minute. They undoubtedly received their money’s worth with his reaction.

When the challenge came in while the FPS hero was playing DayZ, he paused the game to hear the Text-to-Speech bot read it off. He thanked the audience before trying it out and failing from the start. He stated; “I appreciate you, thank you for the donation Energetically. Please, man… That doesn’t count, we let that one slide. Please, I know how to live without saying the word, okay? Yeah, it’s a very common word for me to use after I say the word please, so you caught me off-guard, I won’t let it happen again.”

Summit attempted to prevent it from happening again, but he ultimately fell short because he said “man” for an additional minute and a half. His unbroken run was ended when he missed a zombie that he had “trapped” with an axe swing to the head. Although though he only beat the time limit by 27 seconds, his rebound from his initial failure seemed heroic in comparison.