A GTA RP player made a hilarious police mistake that left Summit1g bursting in laughter during his recent live broadcast.

The GTA RP NoPixel server has dominated in popularity with several twitch stars having been getting involved including twitch streamer Summit1g. Viewers are always turning in to see some exciting and entertaining moments that were captured on the server.

While some big-name streamers such as Sykkuno and xQc have announced their temporary departure to the game, Summit1g is still going strong on the server despite playing different titles lately. His in-game character, named Charles Johnson, is a notorious criminal affiliated with the Chang Gang.

He had many hilarious memorable moments on the server already and in addition to this, he recently has lost it after fellow GTA RP streamer and professional baseball player Bryce Hutchinson aka HutchMF accidentally confessed to stealing a car in front of a police officer.

During the stream, Hutch demanded Summit to open the trunk of his car and went on to say that he was done stealing a car. However, it seems like he didn’t know that there was a police officer right behind them. While laughing, Summit1g tried to play it down as he tried to convince the police that it was just a joke.

Then, Summit1G couldn’t help but laugh as Hutch climbed out of the car and called the police officer stating; “dog motherf**ker”. They then fled the scene in the stolen car. After the incident happened, Summit1G went off to do his own thing. But the hilarious interaction quickly became one of the highlights of his stream.