The process of creating content has gained popularity over time. The most widely used platforms in the community are Twitch and YouTube. PewDiePie is a well-known name among the creators and the only one who is the sole owner of Red Diamond Play Button.

PewDiePie, a stage name for Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a popular Swedish YouTuber with over 111 million followers. Felix is one of the richest creators in the world thanks to his enormous popularity. It’s interesting to note that he prefers to live a private life and doesn’t like to flaunt his lavish lifestyle online.

Even PewDiePie, who recently bought the Grand SeikoSBGH277 watch, was unable to control his emotions and shared the photo online.

Only ardent PewDiePie followers may be aware of Felix’s unwavering devotion to Japanese tradition. Felix was so drawn to anime and Japanese culture that he made the decision to move there and carry out the two-year-old promise. You’ll be shocked to learn that YouTube Star flew on a private jet to get to Japan, but there’s a small twist to the tale.

Now that you have a clear understanding of Felix’s wealth, you might be curious to find out more about the most recent opulent item Felix bought. PewDiePie eventually flaunted the Japanese Grand Seiko Style SBGH277 watch on Instagram.

It costs around $6503.35, is a part of the Grand Seiko HERITAGE COLLECTION, and is available. Here is a brief description of the watch; you can read more about it here.

Felix was so taken with the design, in fact, that he even posted about it online. PewDiePie, in case you didn’t know, has never been a big fan of watches, but that all changed when he bought a Rolex. What’s the backstory to PewDiePie’s timepiece? Let’s investigate.

Felix displayed his wardrobe, along with every piece of clothing and accessory, back in 2021. The most intriguing item was Felix’s collection of watches. Felix revealed that he was not a watch collector despite having a large collection of watches.

Spending a lot of money on a single watch had always seemed pointless to him, but after getting a Rolex, his perspective was altered.

Felix revealed that he had saved up for a special occasion to buy the most expensive watch in his collection, a Rolex GMT Master II. When YouTube Star proposed to his wife Marzia, he made the decision to purchase a pricey Rolex watch.